About me

👋 Hey! How are you? I'm Jeferson. I'm a software engineer dedicated to crafting things for the web through coding.

I wrote my first lines of code back in 2014 of HTML4, CSS and ES5 using just a notepad in a very low-end machine 😅. Like many people I graduated a few years later and since then I've been on this adventure into the world of programming.

I don't have "favorites", but I like to code on TypeScript, Elixir, Lua, and I'm starting to tinker with Rust. I also like to think outside coding, such as prioritizing tasks/features, doing reviews, modeling and providing the good practices, fundamentals, and consistency throughout the code.

I've worked on websites (both front-end, back-end), CLI's, and most recently mobile development (React Native).

Personally, I'm into computers, ui design, games and anime (of course) :P